An interview means a face to face interaction between the interviewer and the candidates. Interviews generally need a preparation. Interviews have a definite structure. Clear communication should take place during an interview. All interviews have a definite purpose familiar to the interviewer and the candidate.


Basic Suggestions for the Interview

  1. The Candidate should be dressed formally, and not casually. Have a pleasing aspect as the candidate’s personality is a significant part of the communication.
  2. Always carry an extra RESUME or Curriculum Vita (CV) and all items required in an interview.
  3. Try reaching before time and be punctual for the job interview.
  4. Research a lot about the organization for which you are being interviewed.
  5. Do not indulge in a challenge or argument with the interviewer.
  6. Answer the questions specifically and undoubtedly.
  7. The interviewer is smart enough to judge the candidate’s knowledge, intelligence and suitability for the job.
  8. Do not make negative statements or comments about your past employer.

Your body language should be positive during the interview, i.e., maintain an eye-to-eye contact with the interviewer, sit in well and smile when appropriate, etc.